Choosing the Right Solar Installation Company for Your Needs

Solar Installation Company

You have a good idea about what to look for when choosing a contractor to remodel your home. You can check online reviews, ask for references or see their past work.

You should also consider whether or not they do their installations and, if they use subcontractors, how much oversight they have over them.


The reputation of a solar company is a major consideration for homeowners looking to switch to solar. Unhappy customers can spread the word about their bad experiences and impact the business negatively.

The companies with the best reputations, including Solar by Peak to Peak, deliver consistent quality and customer service. They also offer competitive prices and financing.

A good start is looking at consumer rating sites and reviews on local contractors. You can also check state contractor licensing boards to see the number of complaints against a particular company. Then, compare these companies to find the best one for your needs. Each top pick offers full purchase and loan options, leases, and PPAs. They also provide 25-year manufacturer and workmanship warranties.


A solar installation company in Golden, Colorado, with a history of high-quality installations, can be trusted to do the job well. Ask about the number of residential solar projects they have completed and check whether they are NABCEP-certified, licensed, and insured.

They should be able to provide you with a timeline for when your solar system will be installed. They should also be able to explain any issues arising during the process.

Look for a solar company that offers an artistry warranty and a performance guarantee. These warranties protect you from any problems caused by the solar system’s installation. They should also inform you about available state and federal incentives that can reduce the cost of your system. This can save you thousands of dollars!


Various financing options exist to pay for solar energy systems, aided partly by a federal tax credit. Some companies offer their loans, while others work with a lender and can provide a variety of loan terms and interest rates.

Those loans may come with fees or collateral requirements, and some are unavailable to all homeowners. Other financing options include personal loans not secured by the home or solar system and based on factors like credit score and income.

One thing to consider is how the financing method will affect your ability to sell your home. For instance, some solar-loan arrangements create a lien on the house and may need to be assumed by the new homeowner or paid off in escrow.


Many people need help navigating the world of solar warranties. Choosing a company with the right warranty coverage can help ensure your investment is safe and secure.

A good installation warranty will cover damage to your roof and other parts of your home caused by a poor installation. It would help if you also considered whether the company offers a product artistry warranty, which the equipment manufacturer typically provides.

All manufacturers have a specific “limitations and exclusions” rider that details when their warranties will not apply. Ensure you know these rider terms and that the company can provide detailed explanations. Also, ask about any local solar rebates and incentives available to you. These can significantly reduce your installation costs.

Customer Service

A solar company’s customer service greatly affects its overall reputation. Having courteous, friendly and knowledgeable employees can make a difference when dealing with customers.

Educating new prospects on how their home can uniquely benefit from solar energy while removing existing misconceptions is key to creating an exceptional experience that leads to happy customers. This requires a comprehensive approach that includes education, clear project expectations, and timely delivery of services.

In addition, a quality solar company should offer scheduled inspections to ensure all systems are working properly and that any issues can be addressed immediately. This helps to avoid major faults and prolongs equipment life. Determining whether the solar installation company is part of a larger clean energy company is also good. If so, you can count on their expertise even if the local company goes out of business.