7 Best Free Applicant Tracking Systems for 2022

7 Best Free Applicant Tracking Systems for 2022

How do you find the best free applicant tracking systems in 2022?
There are dozens of options available, and each one offers a unique value proposition that’s sure to appeal to any business – large or small, old or new. The trick to choosing the right system for your business is understanding what each one does well and what it doesn’t so well, and weighing the pros and cons against your organization’s needs. Here are seven of the best free applicant tracking systems, as well as what they’re best at, so you can make an informed decision about which one works best for your business.


While many applicant tracking systems are expensive, these seven options offer a great alternative. Find the one that best fits your company’s needs below:

– Zoho Recruit: This customizable system allows businesses to integrate human resources with Zohor Enterprise, a task management app. It features intuitive candidate sourcing and workflow, social media profiles and competitive intelligence from Indeed.

– Kapture: A provider of mobile background checks and interview feedback, Kapture automatically uploads documents to the applicant tracking system where recruiters can view them at any time.


The TimeTrex applicant tracking system is an online employee scheduling software that helps a company recruit and retain qualified candidates through various job postings. Using this system, you can find the right candidate by posting jobs, reviewing resumes, and engaging with prospective applicants through video interviews. This easy-to-use platform makes it possible to receive alerts about what’s going on at your company. You can even customize reports to show detailed applicant data in real-time! It was voted one of the best applications on G2 Crowd in 2016.


Every business needs to get a handle on the hiring process, or it will not be able to grow and expand. One of the ways that this can be accomplished is through the use of applicant tracking systems (ATS) in the free version. The ATS can take over tedious tasks, like resumes management and candidate filtering, freeing up your staff to focus on more important tasks. The most popular among the seven best free applicant tracking systems is ATSpace. It was created by engineers who have experience in developing enterprise-level applications.
They have been designing, building, and managing web-based applications since 1995. They are now dedicated to providing high-quality software that simplifies administrative processes and helps businesses save time and money on their recruiting efforts.


With more and more people using ResumeFox, it’s important to know how to manage this data and make sure it’s accurate. The best way to do this is through the ResumeFox applicant tracking system. Here are some tips on how to make sure your company is ready in time:

1) Develop a job posting and have employees post their resumes through the system
2) Track applicants with keyword searches
3) Create a company website that contains all of your open positions
4) Make sure each application is compliant with local, state, federal law
5) Upload the employer’s contact information
6) Regularly review compliance rules
7) Collectively communicate with applicants at all stages of the process

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Applicant tracking systems (ATS) are used by HR managers to streamline hiring processes and help manage the high volume of job applications received by recruiters and hiring managers every day. You might be wondering which ATS is best. Here’s our answer: There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all ATS, so you need to find what’s right for your business–whether it’s free or not. Forrester Research has compiled an up-to-date list of the top five applicant tracking systems with detailed reviews on each system that includes pricing information.

1) Skillscan – Skillscan tracks applicant data and provides automated email notifications to applicants about their status in the recruiting process. Features include easy candidate searches, email alerts, reporting features, language translation capability, customer service integration, and much more! Pricing starts at $25/month with a 14-day trial period!
2) Sharepoint – Sharepoint makes it easy for organizations to centralize employee data including resumes and performance evaluations into one comprehensive database that can then be shared across all employees in any location through its web interface.


Whether you’re looking for your first applicant management system or it’s time to upgrade, here are 7 of the best free and affordable options!
2. Recruiterbox – This easy-to-use ATS features a variety of filters so you can easily search through applications based on location, job type, education level, keywords, etc. It also offers an interview reminder service as well as an iOS app that makes managing candidate information on the go a breeze.
3. CrankHR – If all-inclusive functionality is what you need in an ATS, then CrankHR is just for you. The tool allows users to search by keyword as well as by resume submission date to find applicants that meet their criteria in a matter of seconds. Additionally, CrankHR includes tools like comprehensive reporting and sophisticated filtering that helps make recruiting quicker and easier than ever before.
4. Jobscan – While this ATS may not have many bells and whistles, it does provide a fast way to screen resumes quickly. Jobscan matches skills from resumes with those in the jobs advertised, making it easy for recruiters to get an idea of whether they should contact someone about a position without going through every single application first.
5. Resume Genius – With such competitive hiring markets these days, many companies are starting to use resume screening software in order to filter out unqualified candidates before they even apply. One option worth mentioning is Resume Genius, which has won multiple awards and offers tons of helpful resources like resume templates and expert advice on how to stand out during the recruitment process.
6. HiringThing – HiringThing lets users import data directly from Google Docs or Excel into their applicant tracking system in order to save time searching for relevant information manually. Its easy-to-use interface means this could be the right fit for any business that needs basic recruiting functions done affordably and efficiently.
7. Cloudhire – Cloudhire takes the hassle out of traditional ATS systems by giving businesses access to its web-based program that runs off of AWS servers. Because Cloudhire is entirely online, there’s no installation necessary–simply sign up and you’ll instantly have everything you need to start finding great new hires today!


Whether you are looking for your first internship or your latest opportunity in senior leadership, TalentBin makes finding a new job easy. Simply fill out the sign-up form to get started and wait for employers in your area to review your resume! You can also search for companies that have posted jobs on their site or even see who is hiring at your school.