4 Trucking Accounting Software Programs That Will Keep You Organized in 2022

4 Trucking Accounting Software Programs That Will Keep You Organized in 2022

If you own your own business, you have plenty of things to keep track of, including finances, employee time management, and all the other logistics involved in running a company. In the trucking industry, there are even more elements to take into account when it comes to accounting. As such, it’s smart to invest in software specifically designed to help you with accounting within your business so that you can stay on top of everything that needs done and make sure your accounting practices are as efficient as possible. Here are four trucking accounting software programs that we think will be popular in 2022 and beyond.


You want to keep track of all the necessary information for your business, but how do you organize it? Starting with a trucking accounting software program can simplify your life, and make it easier to ensure that you are fully complying with the law. With one of these programs, you will always know where everything is, which means less time spent on compliance issues and more time spent running your business.

Invoicing Pro

Invoice pro is a very reliable option for invoicing for trucking. As the name suggests, this program specializes in invoices, which are an essential part of running any truck business. This software will take care of all the dirty work related to setting up your rates and quotes, so you can start selling your goods and services as soon as possible.

Sage 50 US

Sage 50 is a full-suite accounting solution designed for small-to-medium businesses. Sage 50 offers solutions for customers looking to start a business, streamline operations and meet changing accounting and tax needs as their businesses grow. With its easy-to-use software, real people are just a phone call away with the Personal Accountant Service—a dedicated service that provides small businesses with round-the-clock access to personalized expertise and guidance.


Best for an All-in-One Solution: QuickBooks Self-Employed is the best option if you’re looking for an all-in-one software that will handle not only your bookkeeping but also basic payroll and filing. The online platform allows you to do everything from invoicing clients, filing taxes, and onboarding new drivers with just a few clicks of a button.

DacEasy Logistics

Accountants and other professionals have praised DacEasy for our superb interface, which includes features like flexible depreciation, local or global shipping options, freight audit reports, and much more. DacEasy’s payroll management software offers easy integration with many of the leading payroll services like ADP, Intuit, Paychex, and more to streamline your account receivables. And our powerful accounting software works seamlessly with most ERP systems so you can be sure your data will flow properly into other financial platforms.