10 Workplace Injury Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

10 Workplace Injury Statistics Every Business Owner Should Know

Workplace Injury occur more often than you think, and they can cause serious problems for business owners. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nonfatal workplace injuries cost employers $56 billion annually in direct and indirect costs, not to mention the lost productivity and low morale among staff members. If your company doesn’t have appropriate safety procedures in place to reduce the chances of workplace injuries from occurring, then you need to take action immediately. Here are 10 workplace injury statistics every business owner should know about so you can keep your workers safe.

1) 4 million workers are injured at work every year

Every year, 4 million workers are injured on the job. From manufacturing jobs to service sector jobs, each industry is at risk for workplace injuries. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), there are just over 3 million non-fatal work-related injuries annually. The annual cost of those injuries is estimated at $185 billion dollars a year, which breaks down to an average injury cost of $3,200 per worker in direct costs alone.

A lot of these accidents happen due to employees being rushed or making mistakes due to a lack of safety training. With this many people getting hurt on the job every year, it’s important that every employer takes workplace safety seriously and is committed to creating a safer environment for their employees.

2) The leading cause of lost time at work is back pain

Back pain is the leading cause of lost time at work. Recent statistics show that back pain accounted for 24% of missed work days in 2010, up from 18% in 1992. Back pain is responsible for 7% of all healthcare costs and 9% of the prescription drugs sold in the US each year. Unsurprisingly, the incidence rate for low back pain is 30-40 times higher than for other types of injury. The American Chiropractic Association recommends regular visits to a chiropractor if you experience:

– Frequent or constant back pain or stiffness

– Pain accompanied by fever or any type of infection

– Pain that radiates into the legs or buttocks

– Spinal problems (i.e., pinched nerves)

Most people are unaware that they’re suffering from chronic low back pain until they go to their doctor. An estimated 20 million Americans suffer with chronic lower back pain annually, yet only 1 in 5 get help.

3) In 2016, over 7,000 workers died from injuries on the job

More than 7,000 workers died from injuries on the job in 2016. More than one million workers were injured or developed a health condition that kept them from working that year. Hundreds of thousands more were either injured or passed away due to occupational diseases. Deaths related to work-related injuries are five times more likely to occur among men than women, and the highest death rates are found among people under age 45.

4) 3.5 million nonfatal injuries reported in 2013 cost an estimated $144 billion

Most businesses don’t realize that the safety precautions they take in their office may be protecting them from accidents, but not necessarily all of them. Nonfatal injuries, or simply an injury that doesn’t result in death, often go unreported and untreated. In fact, 3.5 million nonfatal injuries were reported in 2013 costing an estimated $144 billion. Here are some of the most frequent types of work-related incidents:

1) Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Resulting from overuse or from gripping a mouse too tightly, carpal tunnel syndrome can cause chronic pain and numbness which can lead to difficulty typing, working with numbers on a keyboard or even gripping objects for long periods of time.

5) There are 45+ safety programs available to businesses

Workplace safety is crucial to the success of any business. Whether you’re running a small or large company, every employer has some level of responsibility when it comes to his or her employee’s health and safety. However, as with anything in life, we have to identify potential dangers before we can work to fix them. Below are 10 workplace injury statistics that every business owner should know about and strive for if they want their business – and employees – to stay safe.

6) Workers who earn a pay raise suffer fewer injuries

For every $1,000 in pay a worker earns an average of 8.2 fewer injuries annually according to one study. Another recent study found that workers who earn a raise were two-thirds less likely to report any musculoskeletal injury, including back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome. There are many reasons for the decrease in injuries like a boost in self-confidence, increased knowledge about proper workplace safety procedures and improved financial security. Employees who make more money feel more appreciated by their employers which can lead to lower levels of stress and anxiety as well as decreased use of dangerous substances such as alcohol or drugs.

7) Safety training improves workplace performance

As an employer, safety training is one of the best investments you can make in your business. Your investment will not only help your employees stay safe, but also increase productivity and reduce turnover. Studies show that while 70% of employers are conducting some form of safety training, many organizations could do more to keep their workers safe. Keep reading for ten workplace injury statistics every business owner should know! -The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that 1.7 million nonfatal occupational injuries happen each year

-Each year, 50 million workdays are lost due to work-related illnesses or injuries

-Musculoskeletal disorders account for half of all occupational injuries

-Occupational illnesses account for 7% of total healthcare costs in the United States

-3 out of 4 workers believe they would be injured if they didn’t wear protective gear -84% of workers admit to violating safety rules at least once a month

-Workers with greater than 20 years of experience are almost twice as likely to have been involved in a workplace accident as those with less than 5 years of experience

-In 2012, there were over 350 worker fatalities on construction sites

8) Most injuries happen on the first day of work

A lot of statistics about workplace injuries revolve around the first day of work. The American Occupational Therapy Association has said that as many as 85% of injuries happen on the first day of work and 60% happen within the first hour. More than half of all injuries are cumulative, meaning that they result from someone’s accumulated exposure to hazardous working conditions. Other statistics show that 45% to 70% of injuries occur at home due to people carrying those hazards with them when they go off the clock, and the majority of these accidents happen on the weekend. Some experts say this is due to a lack of hazard recognition or increased risk-taking behaviour while at home after a hard week’s work.

9) Three-quarters of injuries occur during normal business hours

* In 2015, 3.6 million workplace injuries were reported to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

* A total of 3.8% of adults had a work-related injury in the past year

* 75% of injuries are not serious enough to result in a worker’s loss of work time; however, even minor injuries can pose problems for workers.

* Types of common accidents that occur include cuts from sharp tools or surfaces, overexertion leading to muscle pulls or spasms, strains or sprains from lifting objects improperly, falls from heights or slipping on wet floors. * Accidents and illnesses combined cost U.S. businesses $250 billion per year according to some estimates.

10) Quick fixes can kill you!

Your workers are often the most important asset of your business. It’s up to you as the owner to make sure they stay safe, so don’t settle for quick fixes that will only cause more harm in the long run. Just because you have an injury prevention program doesn’t mean your workers are taking time off due to safety. Get started on a safer workplace with these 10 injury statistics every business owner should know:

-Every day someone dies at work and 250 people suffer a life-changing injury because of their job

Workers are injured or killed on the job an average of once every 53 seconds and a major workplace accident occurs once every eight minutes

-Repetitive motions account for 25% of all U.S.