The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Next Business Dinner

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Your Next Business Dinner

Business dinners can be one of the most stressful parts of your job, as you have to navigate unfamiliar territory, avoid potential faux pas and remember everything you’ve ever learned about business etiquette. However, if you can make it through your next business dinner without putting your foot in your mouth or offending your colleagues, you’ll build great relationships that will help your career grow and advance – both professionally and personally. With these seven tips, you’ll be able to survive your next business dinner with style and grace.

Sit Close

When you sit close to someone, it subconsciously makes them feel more comfortable with you and can help break the ice. It also gives you the opportunity to easily read their body language and see if they’re truly engaged in the conversation.

Make sure you have good posture (two sentences): Good posture shows that you’re confident and engaged in the conversation. It also makes you appear more approachable and open, which can encourage the other person to open up to you as well.

Take Control of the Conversation

When you’re at a business dinner, it’s important to take control of the conversation. This means that you should be the one talking the most. You want to make sure that you’re talking about things that are relevant to your business and that are interesting to your dinner companions. If you can keep the conversation flowing, you’ll be sure to impress everyone at the table.

Don’t Let Them See You Sweat

It’s natural to feel a little nervous before a big meeting or presentation, but don’t let your nerves get the best of you. Here are a few tips for staying calm and collected during your next business dinner.

  1. Take a few deep breaths and try to relax.

2. Visualize yourself succeeding.

  1. Remember that you’ve prepared for this and you know what you’re doing.
  2. focus on the positive outcome of the meeting.
  3. Try to engage in small talk with your colleagues before the meeting starts to help put you at ease.
  4. During the meeting, take breaks if you need them and stay hydrated.

Drink Wines and Spirits

Wine and spirits are a great way to break the ice and get people talking. But be careful not to overdo it! Stick to one drink per person, per hour. And if you’re feeling really bold, try ordering a bottle of wine for the table.

Eat Steak, Not Potatoes

When it comes to business dinners, there are a few simple rules you should follow. First and foremost, always order steak. Not only is it a power move, but it also sends a clear message that you’re there to do business. Secondly, avoid the potatoes. They’re a side dish and they’ll make you look weak. Third, make sure to drink plenty of water. Alcohol will dehydrate you and make you look like a lightweight.

Finally, don’t forget to network. Business dinners are the perfect opportunity to schmooze with potential clients or investors. By following these simple tips, you’ll be sure to survive your next business dinner with flying colours.

Try International Cuisine

When you’re trying to make a good impression, it’s always a good idea to try something new. International cuisine is the perfect way to show that you’re adventurous and open-minded. Plus, it’ll give you something to talk about with your dinner companions. Here are some tips for surviving your next business dinner

Know What You’re Talking About

Do your research before dinner so you can avoid any awkward conversations. You don’t want to be caught off guard when someone asks you about your business. If you can, try to find out who will be at the dinner and what their interests are. This way, you can have some talking points ready.

Know When to Stop Talking

The first step to not oversharing at a business dinner is knowing when to stop talking. If you’re the one doing most of the talking, it’s likely that you’re sharing too much information. Instead, try to be an active listener and let others do most of the talking. You can still share relevant information about yourself, but don’t dominate the conversation.

Order Something Light, But Appetizing

When you’re trying to make a good impression, the last thing you want is to be weighed down by a heavy meal. Instead, order something light that will still leave you feeling satisfied. A salad with grilled chicken or fish is a great option. And if you’re really looking to impress, go for the steak. Just make sure you get it medium rare.