Top QuickBooks Online Users Share Their Multi-User Setup Tips

Top QuickBooks Online Users Share Their Multi-User Setup Tips

It’s been over 20 years since Intuit created QuickBooks to help small business owners better manage their finances, and it’s safe to say that in that time, many different ways of using QuickBooks have been devised. In fact, in my decade-plus as a bookkeeper, I’ve seen dozens of unique QuickBooks setups, some more functional than others.


If you’re running a business, you know that QuickBooks is one of the top accounting software programs available. And if you’re running a business with multiple employees, you know that QuickBooks Online offers a great way to manage your finances. But what’s the best way to set up QuickBooks Online for multiple users? We asked some of our top users and here’s what they had to say.

Marketing Specialist

As a marketing specialist, I am always looking for new ways to reach potential customers. I was intrigued when I heard about QuickBooks Online and its ability to allow multiple users. After doing some research, I found that the top users of QuickBooks Online recommend the following tips for setting up a multi-user account

  1.  Make sure to invite as many people as you need on your team in order to best take advantage of all the features available.
  2.  Make sure your team members are given individual permissions in order to save time.
  3.  Create an Invoices dashboard so that invoices can be paid more easily by different people on your team.

Sales Manager/Owner

As the owner or sales manager of a business, you need to be able to track your team’s progress and performance. QuickBooks Online’s multi-user feature lets you do just that.

Here is a tip from our top users on how to set up QuickBooks Online for multiple users

  •  Divide expenses between departments using classifications: When setting up multi-users in QuickBooks Online, each user should have their own set of accounts. One way to divide these accounts is by department classification. For example, one person could handle all the accounting while another handles all the customer service.

Office Manager/Controller

  1. You’ll need to purchase a QuickBooks Online subscription for each user.
  2. Once you have your subscriptions, you’ll need to set up each user in QuickBooks Online.
  3. To do this, go to the Settings gear icon and select Manage Users.
  4. On the Manage Users page, click the Add User button and enter the required information for each user.
  5. For each user, give them an email address, password and name.
  6. Click Save & Finish after entering all of the necessary info to finish adding that person as a new user on QuickBooks Online.
  7. Repeat these steps for every user in your company.
  8. Go back to the Main Menu and then select Company Preferences from the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen.
  9. In Company Preferences, scroll down until you see Default Subscription Plan
  10. Select which plan is best suited for each individual user and then click Update Preferences at the bottom right corner of your screen.

Accounting Assistant

QuickBooks Online allows for multiple users, which can be a great way to keep your business organized and running smoothly. Here are some tips from top QuickBooks Online users on how to set up your multi-user account:

  1. First, decide who will be the administrator of the account. This person will have full access to all features and settings.
  2. Next, decide what level of access each user will need. Will they need full access or just view-only? Full access gives them the ability to add and edit information in QuickBooks Online; view only gives them read-only privileges.
  3. Create a new employee record by clicking Add Employee under My Company at the top right of the screen, then filling out their contact information (name, email address).
  4. Once you’ve created an employee profile, click Manage Users at the bottom left of the screen. Then go back to Employees and click Invite People. From there you’ll see the option to invite people via email. Make sure you include instructions about what level of access they should have once they accept the invitation! For example, Please let me know if you would like to be able to edit transactions.

The first step is to figure out who the administrator of the account will be. If it’s not obvious, this person should have a high level of responsibility within the company as well as strong computer skills. The next step is deciding what levels of access other employees will need. In order for someone to use QuickBooks Online correctly, they need either full access or view-only privileges.